Reinventing Local Hackathon

I spent the weekend at a hackathon titled Reinventing Local. Starting at around 11am on Saturday, we had until 2pm Sunday to hammer out an idea and get it coded together. After wandering around to various groups, listening to ideas and seeing where I could best fit in, I settled down with Buildingly. The pitch was: a site which tailors event, food, and deals based on your address.

We ended up doing most of the work in PHP and I worked on some javascript to tie in the ajax. The main customer-facing site is at (only set up for new york) and there is a business-side admin panel at What is great is that because of the APIs we were introduced to at this hackathon, businesses don’t need to register in order to be visible to users, registered businesses would just be able to offer highly-localized deals to people in certain buildings (or people that visit certain bulding sites at least).

In any case. I had a great time (if not stressful at times) working with a group of new aquaintances and as a bonus we won three prizes! we got a prize from, Open Forum, and ‘best community building app’. It seems that this might get built out a little more beyond this weekend. It was an interesting experience being part of such a large hackathon (28 projects, something like 80 people I’d guess).

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